It’s tired of being misunderstood

Intuition. We have many names for it. Sixth sense. Spidey Sense. Instinct. Gut feeling. Inner knowing.

But it’s hard to capture the concept in words. To fully grasp it you must experience firsthand, either by following your intuition on something, or wishing you had, in retrospect.

Intuition is NOT a thought or a feeling

That inner knowing does…

Step One: Unhide Yourself

I was painfully shy as a child. It was painful for me, anyway. I desperately wanted to come out of my shell, but that process would take years. Decades, in fact.

Flashback to seven-year-old Alla. Midway through math class, she desperately has to pee. The number of class minutes left…

My Babushka (Grandma in Russian) died at 85. Her wisdom lives on.

Earlier this year, my Babushka died from Covid. She was the center of gravity for our entire family. Its very soul.

Babushka was both highly sensitive and fiercely tough. A good hug could make her cry. And yet she was strong as Soviet steel. Surviving war, illness, persecution. …

People often cry around me. It’s a good thing.

Recently I realized that all throughout my life, people have been crying in my presence.

Not just close family and friends, but people I barely know. Strangers seated next to me on long flights. Tough guys who normally shove emotions down. …

And how to tell a true healer from a drug dealer

In the last decade, Google searches for “ayahuasca” have quadrupled. And it’s no surprise since ancient plant medicine has found its way into modern culture.

Jim Carrey has tried it. So have many other celebrities and creative types. Ayahuasca ceremonies have starred in movies like Wanderlust and While We’re Young.

Alla Gonopolsky

Brand strategist. Binge traveler. World's Least Annoying Millennial.

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